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Gayle Walker

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Always a pleasure doing business with LaLonde Jeweler’s . Unique jewelry you will love. Thank you Dan and Cindy❣️



Sometimes buying over the internet from a store located clear across the country can be a risky prospect. Not so this time however! Delighted with my purchase and the communication received! Thank you Patrick at Lalonde Jewelers!

Linda Finger

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My cousin from Texas visited this Christmas and bought a beautiful diamond necklace. She is thrilled with it and said that Dan and Cindy helped make this a Christmas to remember!

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Marwan Alayan

October 20, 2018

I went there this morning, the owner was very welcoming, and then his wife extremely professional. The estate jewelry is just beautiful. I needed some professional advice about a diamond ring and the owner was spot on accurate, highly recommended,, He made us feel right at home extremely intelligent and fantastic prices. Don’t waste your time going anywhere else in Grosse Pointe.

Earth World

September 27, 2020

I went to LaLonde Jewelers was trying to buy a watch band they had one but not the color i wanted a very nice young lady was helping she said she could order one,then a guy came interrupting everything saying he don't fix that kind of watch then i replied im not getting the watch repaired im getting a band the leather band broke around the end of the watch he replied we don't have a band for that kind of watch didn't know she was about to order me one but i look at him and said ok thk you and left the young woman said the jeweler was not in he just left so i dont know the other guy was but was not good for business my first time there my watch had diamonds all thru it just felt so kind of was im a older man in his 50's

niknikmo momono

May 17, 2019

One of the best experiences I've ever had regarding information on a piece of jewellry. I've been to a lot of stores and know a lot of people in the biz and I can honestly say Dan was polite kind and informative and I would go back in heartbeat that kind of attitude is hard to find. I was so nervous when I went in and they made me feel comfortable and realxed. The most welcome Ive felt in any local business in a long time. Beautiful store.

Jolie Vitale

October 18, 2019

Extremely detailed and professional and so very nice. Great local business to support.

Crystal Coates

October 2, 2018

LaLonde has definitely set the bar high for any other jewelry store I go to from here on out. One of the hardest things to do is part with a sentimental item given by a close loved one. Because of a personal crisis I unfortunately had to make this very painful decision. I went to three different jewelry stores, one of which was a televised franchise, and was immediately turned off by their cold demeanor, lack of customer service, and insulting low ball price evaluations. When I walked into LaLonde the atmosphere was aesthetically pleasing and inviting. As soon as I walked in I was immediately greeted with a warm smile and welcome by one of the owners. The appraiser who is also one of the owners wasnt in the building at the time of my arrival, so the other owner and her associate began the process of evaluation while keeping friendly conversation as I waited. When the owner/appraiser arrived I was treated more like an old friend than a first time customer. I was educated on the piece I was selling, got excellent business and life advice, and laughed while feeling at ease throughout the whole one hour process. I wasnt rushed and my transaction didnt feel like a meaningless revolving door which is the vibe I got from every other place. When it was all said and done I left with an offer higher than all three prior stores and the peace of mind knowing that my sentimental item was left in good hands. While leaving I knew that my loved one would understand my dilemma and be proud of choice that I made. LaLonde is the epitome of great customer service.

Current Rating on Yelp: 3.5 of 5

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Brook B.


Not a great experience here. We took two watches in to get fixed. For one we paid $90 to get a crown fixed because it had fallen off. When we picked up that...READ MORE

S A.


La Londe Jewelers has impeccable customer service. I was not a "big ticket" purchaser with them but they treated me as though I were. They have a beautiful...READ MORE