Gemstone Disclosures


Federal law requires a jeweler to disclose any and all treatments of gemstone jewelry.

Colored Gemstones

It is common for most natural gemstones, excluding diamonds, to incur some form of treatment or enhancement to bring out their best vibrant color. These processes are done at the mining sources and at the highest levels of wholesale distribution. There are many types of treatments such as heat, chemical, irradiation, waxing, or oiling.  These treatments are all industry standards and are specifically designed to enhance the beauty of your gemstone. These treatments or enhancements may require you to exercise special care of your item. Please ask our gemologist for more information regarding these processes.

To care for your gemstone jewelry it is best to allow a LaLonde Jewelers associate to help you.  We have the expert experience and equipment to clean your beautiful gemstone jewelry.


Diamonds can also be treated, especially fancy-colored diamonds. Sometimes, inclusions and flaws can be fracture filled or lasered to lessen their appearance. Unless specifically noted, all diamonds sold by LaLonde Jewelers are free of enhancement or treatment.

GIA Guide to Treatments

For more information, please visit the GIA Guide to Treatments.