Buying a Diamond Online

"But I can get it on the internet for cheaper!"

We hear this phrase all the time, and we wanted to share some reminders before you purchase your diamond from an internet only company. There is huge value in purchasing from a brick and mortar store!

  1.  A diamond is more than letters and numbers. It is a work of nature. There is an old adage in the diamond trade. If someone gave you all the dimensions of a man or woman, could you tell heor she is beautiful or handsome? NO!!! You need to see in person. Same holds true with a diamond.
  2. At LaLonde Jewelers, we let you examine the diamond BEFORE you buy it, and you can compare it to other diamonds. A store provides a selection to choose from. No diamond dealer in the world buys a diamond to sell to you without seeing it why should you?
  3. Ask the internet site WHERE the inclusion is. How bright the stone is? What is the quality of rough? Is it hazy? All these things translate to value and are not easily discernable to the untrained eye.
  4. Retail prices on a 1 carat round F-color SI1-clarity diamond can range from a few thousand to almost $10,000. If every F SI1 was the same, then people would always buy the cheapest! Obviously there are MANY differences such as brightness, scintillation, position and relief of inclusions that determine overall beauty.
  5. If it seems too good to be true, it is. No one is giving anything away. There is usually a reason something is below market value.
  6. When you buy for price, that is all you get. A diamond purchase is a life long position. This is maybe the most precious item you will ever own. It means something. Make it special. Internet sites come and go but a diamond is forever.
  7. A diamond is forever. Who are you going to go to if there is a problem with your purchase? The internet site will not provide maintenance, experience, or service. When you buy from a jeweler you are purchasing their time and expertise and standing in the community. They give you an appraisal and guarantee. They keep your jewelry clean and in good condition for as long as you own the piece.
  8. DeBeers sorts their rough diamonds into over a thousand different categories. If they only sorted diamonds by clarity and color, there would be far less categories. There is a LARGE range of colors and clarities WITHIN each category, and the internet site will not disclose this to you.
  9. Unfortunately, sellers of diamonds are not always looked upon as beacons of honesty. There have been stories of fake certificates and real certificates sold with diamonds that did not match them. Find a jeweler you trust and you will avoid the entire headache.
  10. LaLonde Jewelers has been a pillar of the Grosse Pointe communities since 1931. Honest and integrity are the cornerstone of our business.