Appraisals are documented proof of the characteristics of an item of value. They include details on an item's design, measurements of gemstones, quality and value. We encourage you to protect your investment - have your valuables properly documented and appraised by a jeweler you can trust.

LaLonde Jewelers & Gemologists offers a full range of jewelry appraisal services by expert gemologists certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). With decades of experience in estate and new jewelry, LaLonde Jewelers will accurately and professionally document and valuate your precious items. We offer several appraisal types. Each appraisal type is unique for a specific situation and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with these terms to better understand the appraisal process.

LaLonde Jewelers & Gemologists has over thirty years of jewelry appraising experience, with expertise in antique, estate and diamond jewelry. We have the knowledge and equipment to accurately and professionally document and valuate your items. Our world-class appraisals are detailed and easy to read and include high resolution photographs. Your information is securely stored and archived in our computer system, which is backed up offsite daily.

Interfacing with your insurance company can sometimes be tedious. With our years of experience, LaLonde Jewelers will handle all communications with your insurance company, from adding your item to your declarations to preparing loss statements in the event you need to make an insurance claim.

We suggest having your appraisals updated every three to five years to compensate for fluctuating market prices. Because your information is stored electronically, your appraisals are easily updated, without returning to our store! A nominal fee applies for updates.

To have your items appraised by LaLonde Jewelers, please contact us to schedule a confidential and private appointment with one of our gemologists. We will photograph your items and take all appropriate measurements in your presence. Once completed, you can leave with your items and your completed appraisal will be mailed to you within 3-5 business days.

Retail Replacement Value

A retail replacement value is a value assigned to an item which would be comparable to the price assigned at a retail jewelry store. This value is calculated using current pricing guides and averages of current market prices. This value does not consider bulk purchase discounts and is based on the premise of duplicating the item one time.

Estate Value (Fair Market Value)

The price at which the item would be sold between a willing seller and a willing buyer. This value does not consider antiquity, sentimental value, workmanship or retail markup, but rather the cost of raw materials alone. Workmanship and antiquity is considered only when the piece was created by a well known designer or design house. This value is based on industry averages and knowledge of our estate evaluating expertise.

Reasons for Appraisals

Appraisals are created for many reasons, including: 

  • Insurance scheduling and claims
  • Estate planning & trusts
  • Distribution of property to heirs
  • Quality confirmation (Is my item what it was sold as?)
  • Charitable donation tax purposes
  • Gem identification

Items We Appraise

  • Jewelry (New, Estate & Antique) 
  • Loose diamonds & gemstones 
  • Timepieces (watches & clocks) 
  • Artwork (paintings, sculptures) 
  • Sterling silver (flatware, tea sets, serving pieces) 
  • Coin & stamp collections 
  • Furs 
  • Much more! Contact us with specific inquiries.

Appraisal Fees

  • Insurance and Estate Appraisals, starting at $75.00 for first item
  • Digital Copy of Appraisal on CD (PDF), $15.00 
  • Appraisal Updates, starting at $45.00
  • Litigation & Expert Witness Court Services, $150/hour plus expenses