#25 - When The Rocks Began To Roll

Posted on Thursday, October 25th, 2018 at 7:37 pm by LaLonde

Back in the early 80’s I had a gem laboratory upstairs in The First Hawaiian bank building in Kaimuki Hawaii. There was a guy, Michael, who had figured out how to contact people selling cars, property or boats in the paper. He had a team of people who would call and ask these people if they would consider trading diamonds for there possessions. If they were entertaining this, ole Michael would follow up and give them the hard sell. He would offer double or triple the appraised value of the diamonds for their possessions.

This is where I came in, he would give the people a choice of Gemological Laboratory’s which I was one of. So I occasionally would get a call to look at diamonds and place the value.

So one day a guy called, his name was Cliff Williams, he was trading some cars for diamonds with Michael. He had long hair and kind of looked like a drug dealer, I looked at several diamonds and he said he had to bring me more. Shortly after he left, my neighbor Tommy a jeweler and part time drummer in a band came flying into my office and said “hey that was Cliff Williams” yes I know “well he is the base player for AC DC” Really I didn’t know that. Well I made a deal with Tommy that when he came back I would introduce him. I told Tommy when Cliff was there to knock on my door and tell me he had my ring finished.

When Cliff came back he was with his mother visiting from Australia, so when Tommy knocked I went to the door opened it took the ring and closed the door in his face. Thru the window the look on Tommy’s face was like I just shot his puppy.

Went back to Cliff and his mom and I started to laugh, I said Cliff you would get a kick out of the jeweler next door, I told him how his band sets up in his jewelry shop after hours and plays music.

Mrs Williams says to Cliff in her Australian accent “sounds a bit like you and the boys playing in the 'gay-rajh'”
Well ole Cliff leaped out of his chair and said mom you look at the diamonds with Dan and I will be over at Tommy’s.
Cliff and Tommy became friends and Tommy went to a few parties at Cliff’s house when he was in town.

Me, I guess I was a little nervous you know those rock and roll parties... I thought if I went that I might be “on the highway to hell".

Written by Daniel J. LaLonde

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