#30 - Thy Kingdom Come

Posted on Thursday, January 3rd, 2019 at 7:23 pm by LaLonde

Being a gemologist/appraiser I first started as a jewelry appraiser, which taught me to learn how to appraise a number of other things. One of which was coins. Coins have been around all thru time and the first American coins were minted in the late 1790's. To us as Americans a 200 year old coin seems very old, but the European's laugh at that because their coins have been around for centuries. A lot of centuries. So, when I look at and hold a coin, my imagination wanders and I think back to that time period.

If it happens to be an 1861 Indian head penny, I look at the coin and think of what union soldier carried this in his pocket at the battle of Gettysburg. Or maybe even General Grant had in in his pocket. Hell, maybe Abraham Lincoln bought coffee with it. It's endless.

Then I had a coin from 1803, I convinced myself that it was part of the money that Jefferson paid Lewis and Clark for their exploration to the Pacific Northwest. This history stuff, I can't get enough of.

Well one day I acquired an old roman coin, like real old. I wasn't up to snuff on the ancient gold coins so I sent it in to get it professionally graded. I sent it to a professional Coin Grading Service. The gold coin came back with a high grade and estimated to be from 53BC, yeah a more than 2000 year old coin. Amazing how well they minted coins back then.

Alexander III

Well you think my mind wandered before, I was going crazy.

So, when a client came in who liked old coins I showed it to him. I told him that I had bought if from Jesus and that he had told me that he got it from the money lenders at the temple. Now i didn't think that this was so far fetched, after all, everyone has had a fifty or seventy five year old coin in their pocket.

Well I really don't think that my client believed my story, but he did buy the coin.

So now when i head to the pearly gates, I have a lot of questions to ask the top guy. One of the questions is if he ever owned that coin. If he says yes, I think I am going to get back in contact with that client of mine and tell him he owes me some more money.

Written by Daniel J. LaLonde

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