#29 - California Dreamin'

Posted on Thursday, December 20th, 2018 at 7:24 pm by LaLonde

I would travel, and boy would I see and hear a lot. Nothing ever surprised me. So one swing thru Southern California, stopping in places like Palmdale, where Edwards Air Force Base (alternate site for the space shuttle landings) is located. I worked for some of our brightest Aeronautical personnel, pure genius, but very hard to talk to.

Then I was in a store in Thousand Oaks, and a young lady came up to me with her loose diamond in one hand and a flattened ring with the prongs on the head all squashed. She asked if it could be put back together. I asked what happened? She said she got run over by a car. I looked at her and she was in great shape, not like she had gotten run over. I said I don't think that is what happened. I think you got upset with your boyfriend and threw the ring down and stomped on it. By the look on her face, I knew I was right.

On another stop I teamed up with a jeweler and salesman who were working for a company out of Indianapolis. They were fun guys. The one guy Ken was telling of his experience of interviewing for his sales job. He was asked the question do you drink, and how much. He asked "do you want that in quarts or gallons"?

Good fun.

I also teamed up with a salesman whose name was David Weird - no kidding. We decided to go out to have some dinner that evening after work. He put his name in at the front desk, waiting for a table. Sure enough, the hostess came over the loud speaker saying "we have a Weird party of two"

That was the last time I ate with that guy.

Finally, I was in the Bay area and as I would be appraising jewelry, my head was usually looking into the microscope. The other guys would be looking at all the girls walking thru the mall and hooting and hollering whenever they saw someone appealing. So one of the sales girls in the store said to me, that it was a shame I wasn't able to enjoy the same views that they were seeing. I said, I know when to look up by the sound of the high heels.

Written by Daniel J. LaLonde

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