#21 - A Lady Named Grasshopper

Posted on Thursday, August 30th, 2018 at 7:47 pm by LaLonde

So when I started to learn about gems, I thought of their properties and their ability to reflect light, the color, the pureness of the color, and how the combination of these things please your eyes. This, I realized, was the most important thing a gem could do…be pleasing to the eyes.

I don’t ever recall a teacher at gem school that talked about healing aspects or vibrations that caused spiritual or supernatural feelings. When I would come across someone that insisted that the gem they wore gave them spiritual powers, or had abilities to heal or to cause distress, I just wrote these folks off. Although I didn’t entirely discount them, I just figured that I didn’t see it. But then over the years, strange things would happen or not happen.
Three times in my life (so far) I got feelings from gems or crafted works of art. The feeling was what the Hawaiians would call “chicken skin”, what we call “goosebumps”. I will tell you of one of these times.

A friend of mine who calls himself “The Gem Hunter” invited me by his office to look at some items he had recently returned with from Afghanistan. He had a tin, about 4’ tall and 2’ wide, and inside wrapped in Afghani silk was a long crystal about 3 1/2’ long and about 5” x 4” squarish. It was transparent and very deep purple color. I picked it up and it gave me that feeling I have only gotten three times. It was a wonderful feeling. Really can’t explain it.
Gary (The Gem Hunter) asked what I thought it was. I thought it kind of looked like Amethyst. He said no, it was Kunzite. I mentioned that Kunzite is quite a bit lighter in color. Gary agreed, but said when Kunzite comes out of the ground, it takes up to 2 weeks in the sunlight to lighten to it’s final resting color. I realized that the crystal had been bought right at the mine, then wrapped in silk and sealed in a tin and shipped. It had now been out of the tin for maybe the third day. The crystal was still “alive”, that is why the feeling hit me. It reminded me of the long light sabers in the Star Wars movies, that “wooshed” when they were swung. I didn’t think it was spiritual, or healing, but it felt good.

When someone would say the stone in their ring was giving them healing and spiritual powers, (and I would look at it and see that it was a synthetic stone) I wouldn’t know what to say, so I would say nothing!

Now, some Hare Krishna folks would go to India for a type of spiritual enlightenment. Some would bring back gems, which I would look at for them for appraisals. They had fantastic stores of spiritual gems. One gal I met, can’t remember her name but I called her “Grasshopper”, told me to put a cat’s eye chrysoberyl stone on the forehead of a picture of a jeweler I was having financial problems with. She said it would make him have headaches. So I did and I would look through the glass window in our office at him and I never saw him rub his head. Guess it didn’t work!

When a friend of the Grasshopper made a circular wall hanging with gems in it. She put it over the door entering my office and said it would bring me fortune and good luck. After I was burglarized, I took it down.

So, I say forget all the spiritual stuff or healing abilities and just let the gems please your eyes and enjoy the feelings!

Written by Daniel J. LaLonde

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