#27 - A Dollar Down and the Chase is On

Posted on Monday, November 26th, 2018 at 7:26 pm by LaLonde

So a lot of people who read these articles are flush with money and always have been. So, they might not follow what this one is about. But I am talking about the folks that have had stretches of financial difficulties at one point or another in their life.

When you are running short on money you start to organize your priorities. For a household you may give up paying your cable bill, the doctors, friends, since you have to live somewhere and have to eat. You stretch wherever you can, and hopefully you can right the ship. Well business people do the same, they stretch payments and satisfy the ones who can support them the best. Delay paying the nice people so that you could pay the big dogs who were nipping at their heels. I had fit into this very situation.

Back in the late 80’s I had been burglarized and had lost a sizeable amount it was tough times. It takes major strength and inter confidence to right such a ship. There were a lot of people who stopped dealing with me, but a small core of people who had faith in me and are to this day are reaping the benefits. I had to juggle every day. First, I downsized and moved my office a block and a half from the high rise business district to the edge of Honolulu’s Chinatown. Bethel street, where John Wayne roamed and would eat and drink during the war years and 50’s. My building was a two story walk up built in 1902 of white coral blocks very hurricane proof. During the day the street was a viable business area but…

In the evenings, after dark, the street people would start plying their trade. Hookers and drug dealers. Good education.

So, one afternoon I’m looking out the window of my office and I see Donald the Japanese diamond dealer coming down the street. Well I’m into Donald for some money and I really didn’t want to talk to him. I told my secretary Apollonia, a little Filipino girl, to be very quiet and don’t answer the door. Sure enough Donald was knocking. He would knock, wait about 3 min knock again and I would look at Apollonia and put my finger to my lips Shhhh. He would knock again, and again for like 25 mins. So I waited and waited. After 35 mins more with no more knocking satisfied Donald was gone. I said to Apollonia I am going downstairs to get some lunch. I go to the door and open it and there is Donald. I look at him and say Donald what are you doing here, why are you standing in the hallway, why didn’t you Knock? He stood out there for over an hour. I did get a laugh out of him.

Well I’m happy to say I got flush with Donald along with everyone else. I have now what they call experience, not that I needed that type of experience, but it has served me well. Now thirty years later I have a lot of patience with people who are having tough times I can also recognize right away business people who are on this slippery slope. At the time I had lost over $300,000 and I look back and tell myself, money can’t buy that kind of education.

Written by Daniel J. LaLonde

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