#97 - Super Bowl of Rings

Posted on Thursday, July 29th, 2021 at 8:36 am by LaLonde Jewelers

Recently the LV Super Bowl ring was given to the winning Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Because it just came out, it piqued my interest.

Amazing ring. I am lucky enough to have been alive for every Super Bowl and all through the first years when the Packers were champs, until the third Super Bowl when the NY Jets with Joe Namath, things and rings have changed.

When the Jets won Super Bowl III, the coach Weeb Ewbank, wanted the team to get watches. The players all insisted on getting rings.

I have seen numerous Championship rings. I saw a ring on a gentleman on a helicopter flight in San Francisco. He was an offensive line coach from the Oakland Raiders.

I have appraised Championship rings from the Detroit Pistons and Detroit Tigers. All have been above your average ring.

About 25 years ago I came across a NY Jets Super Bowl ring with Joe Namath’s name on it. Thing was, the diamonds were taken out and missing. Just the gold was left. Even tried to locate Joe’s agent and when we found him, he just hung up on us.

It appears that these football players have more of an attachment to their rings today.

This particular Tampa Bay ring had all the players give their input for the design of the ring and after a lot of thought a final design was made. The ring has 319 diamonds representing the 31-9 final score. Eight square cuts representing the (8) straight final games they won.

The top screws off and underneath is a gold replica of Raymond James Stadium, and on each side is the score of the 4 playoff wins.

I estimate that each ring cost close to $25,000 to make and for all the players, coaches, and office personnel, they easily spent two million making them. A portion is paid by the NFL and the team picks up the balance.

So the first Super Bowl had approx. 30 million viewers the last had over 150 million viewers. Just like the size and scope of these games have increased immensely, so has the size and cost of the trophies they wear.

Written by Dan LaLonde, G.G., G.I.A.
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