#86 - Better Safe Than Sorry

Posted on Thursday, February 25th, 2021 at 10:16 am by LaLonde Jewelers

The Kentucky Fried Chicken Recipe Safe is considered one of the Top 10 Vaults in the United States.

I have talked about protecting what you own and that brings me to having to own safes to put your stuff in. If you have a safe, then someone will want that safe or want to get into it. This means that you have to pay an alarm company to help secure your stuff. The cost keeps increasing.

So, I want to tell you a little bit about what I have learned about this subject. Any safe that is of a high quality has a UL Rating. This is the Underwriters Laboratory a worldwide company located in Illinois and dedicated to promoting Advance Safety Science, from lamps to vision equipment to safes. A UL rated safe may be rated T, meaning Torch Resistant. TL meaning Tool Resistant for 15, 30, 60 minutes, which is the time it takes to get into the safe and then times 6 which is the six sides of the safe. Front, back, sides and top and bottom.

A lot of the safes back when Jessie James was around, you could drill a hole in the top fill it with water and put a stick of dynamite in and blow the door off. The water protected the money from burning.

The safe companies would hire a professional safe cracker, right out of prison, give him all the tools he needs and set up the safe in the middle of a room. Have a stopwatch and say go, timing to see how long it takes to get in. At 15 minutes the safe would get a T, TL 15 rating and so on usually up to 90 minutes.

I remember a group of thieves who pretended to be window washers on a high-rise building and used spy equipment to look into a diamond office and were able to read the numbers as the owner opened the safe. This pushed UL to demand flat, instead of beveled dials to open safes. (see photos)








The more you own the more it costs to protect it. What you want to do is have walls on three sides and a low ceiling so that the thieves can only view one side. Make sure your combination is not family birth-dates and anniversary dates. I have seen mediocre thieves use these numbers and breech a safe.

When I was burglarized in Hawaii, people would ask me how they were able to take my safe. I would tell them it had wheels and a four speed, and they sat on it and drove it away. Don’t make it that easy for them.

Written by Dan LaLonde, G.G., G.I.A.
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