#83 - Don't Be Lazy

Posted on Thursday, January 14th, 2021 at 10:29 am by LaLonde Jewelers

As you know by now, I am dead against the ability to purchase goods over computers or television. I think people are too spontaneous, order too much, and know that they can return just about anything. I am not sure how it happened, but I fear it is not going away.

Over the years I have been hired to look at and appraise jewelry that had been purchased through TV or over the computer. One instance was for two women who were nieces to an aunt who had passed away. They brought me large boxes full of jewelry, most of which was still in their original boxes, never opened.

After looking at the items for a while I found out that the Aunt was getting older and was not mobile, she had sold her house in another state to move in with her nieces who could care for her. Turns out that her only connection with the outside world was the television. She spent all the money from the sale of her house on jewelry from TV. Now she purchased 10 of the same items, when they arrived she would open one box look at it set it back and leave the other 9 boxes unopened. She spent over $200,000 dollars this way. These sales people on TV got to know this woman and worked her until she had didn’t have any more money.

I think that people are just plain lazy. It has become too easy to just roll over in bed, grab your computer and order something. I can understand using your computer to research an item and get information on something, but not to just point and shoot.

The last Christmas season was another record for people buying things online. The thing is they just willy-nilly order things knowing they can return them. I heard figures that up to 30% of everything ordered would be returned. As a businessman I am thinking I paid an employee to take the order, package it and ship it. Then get it back and have to pay my employee again to reenter it, examine it and restock it.

Think of the strain on our delivery systems, Post Office, Fed EX, UPS and Amazon trucks all on the roads. Think of road repair.

Wouldn’t you think that some of these people would take more care in what they order? No, they know that if they are not certain of the size, they order a small, medium, and large and they can return 2 of them.

In our store where we see the client and help them with their purchase, we have a 1 or 2% return rate. This is because our clients are people who do their homework and seriously analyze what they are buying.

I say be vigilant, analyze what you are buying, and purchase what you have to have, not everything you think you want.

Slow down the rat race and use more of your hard earned money for yourself and family. Do some family things outdoors walk down to the local stores and get away from the computers and TV.

Written by Dan LaLonde, G.G., G.I.A.
Lalonde Jewelers & Gemologists
The Gem Expert