#77 - Two Quarters Plus a Half Dollar

Posted on Thursday, October 22nd, 2020 at 8:47 am by LaLonde Jewelers

Years ago, I acquired a friend who worked for a large car manufacturer. His job was to go around to the various dealerships and speak to the salespeople to sharpen their skills.

He offered to come by our store and give my salespeople the same version relating to jewelry.

He was very informative, and I always remember one thing he said that has stood out over the years.

He said that of the people who come into your store you can break them down to three groups. There is a top 25%, a bottom 25%, and a middle 50%. The top 25% are people who really believe in you, they are the type of person that you could damage their ring and they would forgive you. Late for an appointment but that is OK. You always want to do your best for them but if something doesn’t work out it is still OK.

There is the bottom 25% who can’t be pleased. Time and time again nothing can be done right for these types. They are never happy and always feel that they are taken advantage of. More than once my wife and I have asked them to leave.
Then this gentleman explained that these two areas need no extra attention of energy from our salespeople. He said the sales come in the middle 50% of the people who walk in the door. This is where your energy should be spent. These are the people who just aren’t sure and need more information.

Well I got to thinking if you are able to convert 15 to 25 % of the middle 50% you would be very successful. That would mean that you are able to work with up to 50% of all the people who walk thru your door.
Then I thought of other business-like Major-League Baseball. If you win 59% of your games, you are probably going to the World Series. Teams that make the playoffs win around 52 to 57% of their games.

A baseball batter who hits a lifetime 300 would probably make the Hall of Fame. And this is only being successful 30% of the time.

This is at the top of their profession.

This formula holds true in almost everything, walk down the street and say hello to someone you don’t know. Half will wonder why the greeting 25% are sure you are up to something and 25% will be happy for the greeting.

So, with all of this you have to remember that everyone is different and think differently. I think that if you get along with 25% to 50% of the people you encounter, you are probably living a pretty good life.

Written by Dan LaLonde, G.G., G.I.A.
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