#62 - When You Have a Crisis

Posted on Thursday, March 26th, 2020 at 9:11 am by LaLonde Jewelers

In my life I have witnessed people in various stages of crisis or trying to avert one.

Today we are in the middle of the pandemic.

This is what I have learned and I hope that it might help you in some small way. When I was in Gem School in 1979 I sat next to a young gal from Iran. Day in and day out I got to know more about her. She was from a prominent family from Iran, and at the time the Shaw of Iran was trying to maintain his power. His ministers and top aids were trying to show their support but also were trying to secure their own survival. These folks had one foot inside Iran and one foot out.

This is when I found out that this gal I sat next to was in school not to be a worker in the gem world, but to understand the gem world.
You see her family had more gems than few would ever own and they not only had to show support for the Shaw, but also had to secure their own existences.

So, this gal was only learning about gems to know and have knowledge to maintain their family wealth. Iranians are and were notorious for owning gems now and through history. The whole Iranian monetary system is based on jewels.

US Embassy in Saigon

A few short years later I dealt with many Vietnamese women who had transferred their wealth from a voidable society to a transportable medium. These women were securing their family finances because so many of the men were lost to the war. They knew as much about diamonds and gold as I did. They were not there to have a job, it was a matter of survival. They had sold their homes and possessions and transferred them into gold and diamonds so they were able to quickly move from one place or situation to another. I have seen the desperation in their faces.
Now we are here with a major crisis around us. No one knows what to do. I think from my knowledge that I might be able to offer some type of advice on the financial security. In our country we have always felt safe. These are different times and maybe and quite possibly some of these people who had seen drastic situations can give some sort of guidance as to where you should go with securing your wealth. Most folks that are fairly wealthy always have a share of their wealth in gold, silver, gems and guns. Most of these, if not all of these, are transportable and always have a value.

In the USA we have always considered ourselves safe and secure. But if you ever had to get up and go, take a hint from folks around the world that had to do just that.

Written by Dan LaLonde, G.G., G.I.A.
Lalonde Jewelers & Gemologists
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