#60 - I Saved Another One

Posted on Thursday, February 27th, 2020 at 11:41 am by LaLonde Jewelers

One thing I’ve learned over the years is the reasoning behind why people purchase items. There’s always is the most important purchase, the engagement ring. There are items purchased for accessories, so you look right when dressing for fine occasions the earrings, necklace stud set, or cufflinks.

What I want to focus on is the gift that was purchased out of pure love of each other. This would be the gift that was purchased on a cruise ship, a vacation in the islands or a trip abroad.

A while ago my wife asked me why so many people purchase jewelry when they are on vacation. Why don’t they purchase their jewelry from their local jeweler?

I thought about it and figured out why. When a couple are on vacation, they are together for the entire time. They eat together swim together and yes shop together. When at home I’m willing to bet they very seldom shop together. On a Sunday when the wife says “do you want to go to Somerset” the husband says I want to watch football.

Now playing and swimming in the islands together and strolling down the avenues together with a Mai Tai in your hand. Looking into the jewelry shop with the moon full, it doesn’t get any better. So, you would like to get something to remember the occasion. Jewelry!!

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the story of the man hearing his wife pointing out a piece of jewelry on their moonlit stroll and he pretending not to care but goes back to purchase the item while she is in the shower at the hotel.
These are good stories and good memories.

Now I come in, they bring it to me to get an appraisal for insurance or to find out if they paid the right price.

I hear the story and I have an obligation to give my opinion. I very seldom talk bad about the piece. I focus more on the beauty of the situation and the thought that went into the purchase side stepping the issue of the value of the item. I found this to be the best thing I could do. I learned to do this just after graduating from gem school

In 1979 when working in a mall in Los Angles a young girl came in and asked could I tell her what her ring was worth. I looked at it and saw it was an imitation. I said, ‘did you just receive this for Christmas?” “Yes’, she said. I thought and said.

“Who ever bought this for you must really love you.” She reached over the counter and kissed me on the cheek, said 'Thank you', and ran out of the store.

That was one of the best ones I ever saved.

Written by Dan LaLonde, G.G., G.I.A.
Lalonde Jewelers & Gemologists
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