#51 - The Shirt

Posted on Thursday, October 24th, 2019 at 7:04 am by LaLonde Jewelers

When I go on a trip to New York, my wife always has to go to the best stores. So, I go into Hermes, look around, and I bought myself an expensive dress shirt. Six hundred and fifty bucks. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Never spent that on a shirt before. But you know, that shirt taught me something. I realized when I wore that shirt no one else knew how expensive it was, but you know what? It made me feel good and I really didn’t care if anyone knew. I knew I felt good when I wore it.

So, when a client would come into the store and see a necklace for 1,200.00 dollars and make the comment that they could buy one that looks like it for 49.00 dollars, I would tell them my shirt story.

I would agree with them that it was possible to find a similar necklace for less and most people wouldn’t know the difference. But I would go on to explain that you are buying for yourself and not others, and how good they will feel wearing the genuine item instead of a similar looking item. It is just as important how you feel as how you look.

You know, I would almost always make that sale.

So now when I make that trip to New York with my wife and hit all those high-end stores, I sit back and think about that shirt and the money it made me, I begin to realize that I didn’t pay enough for it. I think that I could be the first person in history of Hermes to go back and pay them extra. You know, I think that it would make me feel good.


Written by Dan LaLonde, G.G., G.I.A.
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