#46 - Royal Kahala

Posted on Thursday, August 15th, 2019 at 9:54 am by LaLonde Jewelers

I have seen a few things in my career and one I remember was this wealthy woman of very high stature.

I will call her Mrs. Kahala. This was a district in Honolulu where the affluent lived.

Kahala Coast

Mrs. Kahala came in one day and said she needed to talk to the owner. People of this standing believe they are of a sort of nobility, so they can only deal with the person with the highest position from that business. They will not waste time dealing with one of the working people.

It reminds me of when the first American ships entered the waters of Japan in the mid 1800’s and Admiral Perry on the USS Susquehanna was approached by Emissaries of the Emperor of Japan and his ship was showered with gifts. Perry sent them all back saying that he represented President Filmore of the United States, so he could only accept gifts by someone of equal stature, only the Emperor himself. That is how nobility works.

Admiral Perry arriving in Japan

Back to Queen Kahala, I mean Mrs. Kahala.

She went on to tell me about this item she needed repaired, explained how important it was to their family, and that it had been in the family over two hundred and fifty years.

So, I analyzed the piece and hand-made the necessary parts. She came in to pick it up, and of course she had to speak to me.

“Mrs. Kahala that will be $250.00 dollars.”

“WHAT! Someone should have called me. I would never have approved that repair.”
I stood there and thought quickly, am I going to demand the money and lose a client? Do I sue Mrs. Kahala? I don't think so.

I said “What do you think you should pay?”

She sort of stumbled backward and quickly took that figure and cut it in half and said “$125.00 dollars.” I said “Ok, that will be fine.”

I know she left believing that she had beaten me and probably felt very satisfied.

The story goes that she continued to come in and each time when she needed something done I would quickly quote the price and if it was going to be $50.00, I would tell her $75.00, write it down, and have her initial it. In no time I got my money back and had a long-lasting relationship. I could see in her eyes that she always remembered the day she beat me.

Lucky to say I don’t have many Kings, Queens, Emperors or Presidents that I must deal with.


Queen Emma                                                                                                         President Millard Fillmore


Written by Dan LaLonde, G.G., G.I.A.
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