#35 - Is This Your Ring?

Posted on Thursday, March 14th, 2019 at 8:08 am by LaLonde Jewelers

When I was a youngster, like maybe 8 years old, our family lived on The St. Clair River. Well, in the summertime we got our fill of swimming in the blue water.

One time, one of my older sisters had a friend visiting and we were all out at the end of our dock, swimming. Her friend had taken off her diamond ring and set it on the beach towel. Well wouldn’t you know it, someone picked up the towel to dry off and there went the ring into about 14 feet of water.

No one could believe it.

Trying to figure out what to do, somebody thought of the scuba diving fella who lived about eight houses down the river. We were all told he was coming and with great expectation we waited. Well, he doesn’t just drive over, we see him swimming up the river against the 10 mile an hour current up to our dock.

I was amazed with this guy, he gets to the dock, asks where the ring entered the water, rested a moment, and without any air tank, dove.

Now I know I was young, but this guy was down there a long time. I was sure he had drowned.

All the sudden he pops up out of the water and holds his hand up and says, “is this your ring?” This was the most amazing thing I had ever seen at my young age.

You know I have never forgotten that story and thought of it several times in my life. I didn’t know one day that I would become a gemologist, so I reflect back to swimming on that warm summer’s day, and if I was able to relive that day and the diver that came up with that ring.

I think I would quickly get my microscope and check that ring and make sure that he found the right one!

Written by Dan LaLonde

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