#34 - Why Don't You Love Me Like You Used To Do?

Posted on Thursday, February 28th, 2019 at 9:10 pm by LaLonde Jewelers

Through my time of selling things to clients I could see the passion and love in their eyes when they were purchasing something for their loved one.

I saw several different scenarios in these purchases.

A few guys would come in and tell me what a perfect girl they were getting engaged to, so they needed a perfect diamond. I would think ‘Oh, here we go”. I would explain that perfect diamonds of the highest clarity and color were not a good value when it comes time for reselling. I would always get a look like “what are you saying, you don’t think we are going to live happily ever after?” So, I would have to back track and stumble to find the right words. “No, I mean in the future when you really start making the big bucks and you want to trade it in for a larger stone for your perfect wife you might lose on the trade-in.”

Then there was the couple who got married and wanted to get ‘His and Hers’ matching President gold Rolexes, I’m talking about 30,000.00 dollars.
That was fine until they wanted love sayings engraved on the back of each. As always, I stepped up and reminded them that the engraving would lessen the price if they wanted to sell them. Well, I got that look again and I found myself stumbling and fumbling.

When the client buys a beautiful, finely crafted ring, I mean a thing of beauty, they usually want hand engraving on the inside with a personal love poem or Biblical saying, declaring their unconditional and everlasting love. I rolled my eyes and again tried to convince them this was not in their best interest. I was not doing well with this logic.
Sure enough, the perfect wife turned out not to be so perfect. The Rolexes went up for sale after the wife took off with the baker. The Bible-quoting couple had the hand-crafted beauty up for sale after he left with the preacher’s wife.

So, after these types of transactions I realized these people are never going to learn, I was the one who had to learn to keep my mouth shut and just sell the perfect diamonds, engrave the Bible sayings, and let them learn in their own time.


Written by Dan LaLonde

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