#102 - Tell Me Another One

Posted on Thursday, October 21st, 2021 at 12:17 pm by LaLonde Jewelers

Throughout my career certain things have always annoyed me. One of these annoyances is having to listen to the “story”. What I have learned is that few people can tell a good story. They are usually to long, some drift in content and talk too much about irrelevant things.

I knew a jeweler who had a sign “jewelry repairs start at $15,” “Repairs with a story start at $50.”

Most people who own a business have a lot to do and if they are busy, they don’t have the time to sit and listen to a story.

A story could be “My aunt gave this ring to me and I need it sized to fit,” OR “My aunt from Boston who lives on the street that Paul Revere lived and acquired this ring from a jeweler that was in business for 60 years until his place burned down and on and on and on. Who has the time?

When things are going well our time is worth several hundred dollars an hour. If someone stops me to tell a ten-minute story, I call that a $75-dollar story. Not what I learned from the story, but what that story cost me.

We have numerous people who come in and need a simple watch battery, the charge is $15 dollars.

The way this should go down is “can I get a battery for my watch?” “Yes, please leave it and you can pick it up after 11 tomorrow. Thanks who is next?”

It is more likely to go “can you change the battery for this watch. I bought it about 20 years ago when I was visiting my wife’s family in Austin Texas, there was a big wedding, and I lost my watch on the drive down there. So, I bought this watch for $50 dollars and do you know it is still running.”

Already this is useless information and I better start walking away or I could be stuck there for who knows how long.

So, if you think you have a good story and you just gotta tell me, I would think you should start by spending more money. If you were to spend enough, I might offer to make you some tea and sit you down in the back room. Thing is when we got to that point and the tea is served, I am willing to bet that you would have forgotten the story.

Written by Dan LaLonde, G.G., G.I.A.
Lalonde Jewelers & Gemologists
The Gem Expert